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  • The edge AI we’re most familiar with is Siri and Google Assistant on smartphones. The technology drives their vocal user interfaces. With on-device AI, processing happens on the device (edge) side, meaning there is no need to deliver device data to the cloud. This helps secure privacy and reduce traffic.


    Edge AI starts with ‘edge computing’ - a network technology that positions servers locally near devices. This helps to reduce system processing load and resolve data transmission delays. Processes are performed where sensors and IoT devices generate data, also called the edge.

    Real-time processing without transmission latency

    Edge AI is becoming more important, particularly when it comes to processing latency and data privacy. Since Edge AI algorithms process locally, data creation can occur without streaming or storing data in the cloud.


    Factory robots and cars, for example, need high-speed processing with minimal latency. Private data like medical records or R&D files can remain local as well. As a platform that performs analysis with AI, edge AI can collect and store the vast amount of data generated by IoT, making it possible to use clouds with scalable characteristics. This allows for improved data processing and infrastructural flexibility.



    "... on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center." - Kurt Vonnegut


  • Get Closer to Your

    Customers with Edge AI

  • The FOAM

    The FOAM Platform - at the edge - allows you to build, load, run applications and services with unparalleled scale, reliability, and security.

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    The FOAM is an Application Enabler with the flexibility to deliver a myriad of use-cases.


    It overcomes the challenges of Cost, Real Estate/space, and provides the interoperability and diversity to support configurable, existing-and-future protocols and practically any 3rd party IoT equipment.


    Our approach transforms outdoor spaces into connected and safe locations and can even solve the challenges of combining outdoor Smart City and indoor Smart Retail with the Customer Experience.


  • Smart Retail

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    What if you had everything you wanted to know about your customers – right at your fingertips? You could make smarter and more informed business decisions at critical moments and in real-time.


    Use the FOAM to activate real-time business data, security, and omni-channel customer engagement to reduce churn, acquire new customers, and cultivate brand loyalty.

  • Good things normally come from above, so does the solution for COVID-19

    Juganu J.Protect Lighting Solutions

    Designed to Continuously Suppress and Disinfect Indoor Spaces

    Redefining flexible lighting.


    This is the Juganu Planar LightCell that distributes light with incredible uniformity, broadly, with no heat, and is tunable to protect with continuous UVA disinfection light using the safest end of the UV spectrum at 390nm-400nm wavelength.

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