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COVID-killing lights could offer continuous protection throughout the day

Medspa in Orlando, FL is the first to get COVID-killing UVA lights

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ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – Think about how many lights are in your home or at a grocery store, or in your office. There are currently 5.6 billion lightbulbs in U.S. residential homes alone, and they may now be an untapped resource for a brighter and cleaner future.

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, experts of all fields have been scrambling to find new and innovative solutions to keep us all healthy and safe. From nanoparticles to robots, new, innovative tech has been saving lives through this pandemic. Now, the Med Spa Glo Aesthetics is the first location in the country to install COVID-killing UVA lights in their ceilings.

“It felt really exciting to be the first in the country to have these,” said Emily Saker, Owner & CEO of Glo Aesthetics & Skincare.

The lights have two modes that emit different wavelengths from the invisible ultraviolet spectrum. Mode one is UVA, continuously and safely offering virus protection throughout the day.

“Eight hours under these lights is the equivalent of one minute in the sunlight,” explained Tom Pearce, CEO and Co-Founder, COLighting Solutions.

Mode two is UVC, a powerful wave with the ability to kill viruses in the air and on surfaces including the flu, e-coli, mold, and COVID-19.

“You just basically go into the room, it has a QR code that you match up to it and within five minutes the room is clean,” shared Saker.

But if it can kill COVID, can it kill you too? These UVC lights have emergency shut-offs to protect users from exposure.

“This is just like an extra step that’s insuring us like no matter what there will be no germs left behind,” stated Lea Montes, a Glo Aesthetics facial client.

“Everybody feels safer. My employees feel safer, my clients feel safer. Because we don’t know what’s coming and I would rather be safe than to be sorry,” smiled Saker.

The opportunities for these lights are endless. Everywhere with lights has potential for this new tech. K through 12 schooling, universities, streetlights, retail stores, offices, spas, hospitals, even inside cars. Especially interesting for those trying to use car sharing services during the pandemic. These can even be used in places like movie theaters as UVA is a non-visible form of light and UVC can be used in between showings.