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Driving the Evolution of Car Safety with J.Protect and Groupe Renault
Eran Ben-Shmuel, Co-founder and CEO at Juganu


When we think of car safety, traditionally things like seatbelts or airbags come to mind. In 2020 however, the idea of safety has taken on new meaning as the world has faced an invisible threat in the form of COVID-19. Automobiles are likely the most frequently encountered closed, indoor space many of us have interacted with this year, yet little thought or governmental guidance has been given to it.

I’m pleased to see auto manufacturers taking the issue seriously. Recently, Juganu participated in an event in Israel hosted by Groupe Renault, the iconic French car manufacturer. “Licence to Clean” featured companies from across Europe, Russia, India, and Israel with the mission to reinvent car sanitization. It was a challenge we at Juganu embraced wholeheartedly, as it aligns so well with our mission to create “healthier, safer, brighter lives” through light.

It was a tremendous experience, and ultimately, one which could lead us to deeper conversations with Groupe Renault regarding future collaborations around disinfecting car cabin spaces with the patented J.Protect lighting solution. Technology truly is the great connector, potentially bringing Israeli lighting innovation together with a leading French car manufacturer.

Of course, designing a solution for the interior of an automobile is quite different than designing for a hospital, gym, school, or retail location. This required us to innovate on our existing technology. Through the hackathon we demonstrated that Groupe Renault will be able to leverage our new family of Monolithic LED products, which use advanced Planar lighting technology to inactivate bacteria and viruses – including SARS CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Juganu’s J. Protect for automobiles solution comes as an ultra-thin surface light, making it ideal for height- and depth-restricted spaces like a vehicle’s cabin, compartments, body, and even trailer. The wireless solution can also be operated remotely using a mobile app and functions through two key combined modes: Allegro, which offers continuous protection, and Presto, which offers accelerated disinfection. This ability to provide two modes of protection is particularly important when you think about the implications for car rentals, taxis, and ride-sharing services that have become popular in recent years.

Science tells us that enclosed spaces are a breeding ground for the virus, and that has forced many businesses to close their doors or rethink their operations in order to stay open. Juganu has already seen high demand for our systems among many industries, and we’re eager to bring that experience and know-how to potential future collaborations with Groupe Renault.

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