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Health Watch: COVID-killing tech – ABC30 Fresno

Fresno, CA (KFSN)-From nanoparticles to robots, new and innovative technologies have saved lives through this pandemic. Currently, Med Spa, Glo Aesthetics is the first place in the country to have a UVA light on the ceiling that kills COVID.

Emily Saker, Owner and CEO of Glo Aesthetics & Skincare, said:

The light has two modes that emit different wavelengths from the invisible UV spectrum. Mode 1 is UVA, which provides continuous and safe antivirus protection throughout the day.

Tom Pearce, CEO and co-founder of COLighting Solutions, said:

Mode 2 is UVC. This is a powerful wave capable of killing air and surface viruses such as influenza, E. coli, mold and COVID-19.

“Basically, you just enter the room and you have a QR code that matches it, and the room will be clean within 5 minutes,” Saker said.

But if it can kill COVID, can it kill you too? These UVC lights have an emergency shut-off device to protect the user from exposure.

“This is like an additional step in ensuring that no bacteria remain,” said Lea Montes, a facial client at GloAesthetics.

“Everyone feels safe. Employees feel safe. Clients feel safe. I don’t know what’s coming, so I think it’s safer than regret,” Saker said. Laughed.

The opportunities for these lights are endless. With lights everywhere, there is potential for this new technology. From K to 12 schools, colleges, street lights, retail stores, offices, spas, hospitals and even in the car. It’s especially interesting for anyone looking to use a car-sharing service during a pandemic. UVA is an invisible form of light, and UVC can be used between shows, so they can also be used in places such as cinemas.

Contributors: Marsha Lewis and Sabrina Broadbent, Producer. Filmmaker and editor Location Correa.

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