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Making engagement in gated communities more safe and secure

More than 15 million Americans currently live in gated communities - a number that is rapidly growing each year. Gated communities are now one of the most sought-after types of residential neighborhoods in the United States, offering homeowners the promise of a shared lifestyle with their neighbors and increased privacy, safety, and security. Today more than ever, as we deal with the effect of COVID, this lifestyle's potential is on the rise.

The gated community’s most identifiable characteristic is, of course, its gate, which offers members an added layer of protection, privacy, and security. One of the main reasons to join these communities. Only residents and their guests may enter the defined geographic area; and this limited traffic means they can enjoy a more peaceful and quiet lifestyle. Residents, including children, can freely walk around with a greater sense of calm, peace, and security than they might in an un-gated neighborhood.

At Juganu we have been working closely with some of the United States most appreciated gated communities to enhance their safety, security and power and communications efficiency. As the awareness to the need for better connectivity and the impact that smart cities have on their communities rises , its more than likely that gated communities will pick up their pace and provide all of the smart city solutions faster. Given, that implementing smart city and IOT solutions in gated communities is dramatically less complex than in a big city and has a strong differentiating value and ROI.

While social distancing is the new status, the need for personal engagement grows. Gated communities that implement solutions like Juganu's FOAM and smart light solutions can offer a more protected and disinfected environment that can keep the community more engaged and life in the gated community more fulfilling.


Learn more about our FOAM - a patented light that lights, sees, thinks connects and protects. And, stay tuned for our upcoming E-book on smart gated communities.

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