• Connected Townships

    The Future is Here!

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    The FOAM Breathes New Life Into Truly Smart City Environments


    Inspired by our desire to enable citizens to live a more ubiquitously connected and safer life, meet the FOAM, a comprehensive platform that makes use of existing lighting infrastructure to wirelessly enable transformation of public spaces into Smart and Fully-Connected Environments.




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    The FOAM aims to foster the development of smart cities by providing a comprehensive solution embedded in a smart lighting product.


    The Standard Tree of Technologies Approach = Diverse blend of non-fused technologies on a single pole.

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    The FOAM Approach: Holistic end2end solution with perfectly fused sub-systems into a single intelligent fixture that simply replaces the existing lighting fixture on the pole

  • Smart City Challenges - The FOAM Solution enables any brown field (retrofit opportunity) to overcome a number of challenges that many of the current solutions are not able to overcome.


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  • From revolutionary incredibly bright lighting that mimics the sun, to a connected platform, the FOAM digital platform utilizes the public lighting infrastructure and covers entire space with Lighting, Sensors, Communication and Artificial Intelligence edge compute, all in end2end holistic solution, having all components under the hood.

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    Our approach transforms outdoor spaces into connected and safe locations and can even solve the challenges of combining outdoor Smart City and indoor Smart Retail.
    The FOAM is an Application Enabler with the flexibility to deliver numerous types of use-cases.
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    The Framework: Combining City Objects, Sensors, and Data Sources, to ultimately deliver all types of ‘services’

  • The Technology: (Light that Lights, Thinks, Sees, Connects)

    To understand the picture, it is important to note that the Juganu Smart City solution utilizes a concept of ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Globules’.


    A ‘Bubble’ dynamically shares up to 1 gbps of connectivity with up to 100 light fixtures. All the lights within the ‘Bubble’ connect using a blend of proprietary bandwidth optimization and interference mitigation technologies, at the 5ghz band.

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    In essence, up to 10,000 intelligent light fixtures can be configured to work within a single ‘Globule’. However, in real-world implementations, assuming the customer desires to leverage the 2 cameras that are built into each intelligent light fixture, and the Public Wi-Fi capabilities that are also built into the intelligent light fixture, a more realistic number of intelligent light fixtures within a ‘Globule’ is closer 2,500.


    In addition to the 5 Ghz band that enables the lights within a ‘Bubble’ to seamlessly connect to each other, up to 100 ‘Bubbles’ can connect within a ‘Globule’ using the 60 Ghz band. Up to 100 gbps of connectivity is dynamically shared with all of the ‘Bubbles’.

    All the ‘Bubbles’ within the ‘Globule’ connect back to a ‘PoP’ using the 60 Ghz band, and Internet connectivity is allocated to the ‘PoP’ using a single fiber connection dependent on the requirements of a customer.

    NOTE: It is important to note that Juganu and its technology partners are leveraging the latest Wi-Fi 6 evolution in order for a ‘Globule’ to share 400gbps among all of the ‘Bubbles’. This is significant, because it means that this real-world goal of having 10,000 intelligent light fixtures within a ‘Globule’ is soon to be realized.
  • Creating integrated, indoor, Safe Public Spaces: Combining the indoor and the outdoor technology of Juganu creates a complete homogeneous connected environment.

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    This is accomplished by combining the Juganu intelligent indoor solutions, some of which include the continuous disinfection products known as J.Protect, with the intelligent smart city outdoor solutions highlighted above.

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    An example of a real-world problem that can be solved by combining the indoor and outdoor intelligent lighting solutions at a brick-and-mortar store having a parking lot. If a child abduction is detected by the cameras and the AI capabilities of the lighting solution within the store, visibility is immediately provided to the relevant authorities.

    When the outdoor intelligent smart city solution is applied citywide, the abduction is tracked beyond the parking lot, facilitating swift resolution to the matter.


    Other solutions that can be added to the indoor space of a brick-and-mortar includes ‘smart retail’, which enables the brick-and-mortar to capture all types of customer behavior analytics within their store. This type of data assists management with critical decision making.