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  • Here's what our Electrical experts do:

    • Arrive at service location on agreed upon date and time
    • Write a detailed estimate for the installation of the customer supplied Juganu J.Protect 2x2 Ceiling Grid Light Fixtures
    • There's no obligation to accept the estimate once submitted, this is entirely your decision
    • If pulling a City/County Building Permit is required, this will be quoted by the Electrical expert
    • If additional piping, wiring, electrical boxes, ceiling tiles and accessories, etc. are necessary in order to complete the installation, this will also be included in the quote
    • Warranty on labor is 90 days from the completion of the installation. If a Permit is required, the warranty period commences on the date the inspection is completed/passed

    Here's what's extra:

    • Any additional services requested beyond the original estimate provided once the installation commences
    • The Electrical expert will quote the price and only complete the additionally requested work once you approve

    Here's what's not included:

    • Juganu J.Protect 2x2 Ceiling Grid Lighting Fixtures, and manufactured supplied parts or accessories