• Juganu J.Protect Solution

    The Light that PROTECTS (CONTINUOUS (UVA) and Fast Disinfection of Spaces (UVC)

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    J.Protect & COVID

    Juganu Mix Wavelength Power​

    • The COVID-19 virus is transmitted in droplets which act as a protective shield for the virus 
    • Small droplets that are suspended in the air can travel and survive for long periods of time
    • Juganu's JMIX Wavelength attacks both the droplets and the virus by using multiple wavelengths at the same time

    • Juganu’s J.Protect solutions provides volumetric cleansing to the entire illuminated area

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    J.Protect Modes

    Continuous (UV-A, 390nm-400nm) and FAST (UV-C, 265nm-275nm) Disinfection

    Mode A| Light + Continuous and SAFE disinfection using UV-A (70%-95%).


    Juganu refers to this Light + Continuous Disinfection (UV-A) as JMIX


    Mode B| FAST Disinfection using UV-C when someone and sensors confirm that no one is within the space that is about to (99.9%)